City of Mesa, AZ

Annual Open House at Mesa Grande

In March 2011 we celebrated the fifth annual open house event at Mesa Grande. This event is held in conjunction with the Arizona Archaeology Awareness Month organized by the State Historic Preservation Office. The open house is hosted by the Arizona Museum of Natural History, the Mesa Grande Neighborhood Alliance, the Southwest Archaeology Team and Mesa Community College.

The annual open house features a free breakfast provided by the Mesa Grande Neighborhood Alliance. Archaeologists offer guided tours of the site to visitors. The Southwest Archaeology Team organizes games, activities and demonstrations, including atlatl, bolo and rabbit stick throws, demonstrations of pottery making and archaeological excavation techniques, and a hands-on pump drill activity.

photo of open house
 The Mesa Grande Neighborhood Alliance provided free breakfast at the
 Mesa Grande open house.


photo of tour
 Archaeologist Alexandra Howard leading tours at the Mesa Grande open house.

photo of ancient spears
 Throwing the atlatl, an ancient spear, an event at the Mesa Grande open house.


using a pump drill
 Using a pump drill, one of the many activities at the Mesa Grande open house.