City of Mesa, AZ

Lights! Color! Action!


Lights! Color! Action!

Lights! Color! Action! explored the relationships between light and color and how they are used in our daily lives.

green screen television
Disappear as if by magic! Discover the use of green screen television.


photo of kids using shapes and colors
Create your own designs using shapes and colors.


create a rainbow using white light
Create a rainbow using white light!

photo of mother and child
Explore ways to make new colors!


optical illusion image
Columns or figures? Angel columns were created as a large-scale example of figure/ground illusion. Can you find the angel face?


people completing a puzzle
Can you solve the puzzle?


glow in the dark fish
Why do these fish glow in the dark?




53 N. Macdonald
Mesa, AZ 85201

(One block north of Main Street in downtown Mesa. Take US 60 or 202 to Country Club Drive, go to Main Street, and proceed one-half mile east to Macdonald) - View Map



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