City of Mesa, AZ

PSI: Poop Scene Investigation

Teachers' Packet

It has many names: scat, droppings, feces, dung, stool, road apples, number two, pellets, caca, and manure but poop is poop any way you say it. Explore poop’s fascinating journey – from its beginnings to the variety of ways both animals and humans use it.

All the uses for poop!

Checking out all the different uses for poop!

Photo of coprolite cave

Prehistoric poop in coprolite cave.

Photo of patrons playing Supoopu

The Sudoku (Supoopu) puzzle offered an interesting challenge.


Photo of Elvis the alligators tank

Elvis lives! Visitors met Elvis the alligator. Reptiles, birds and amphibians have only one opening for both liquid and solid waste.

Photo of path of food for deer board

Following the path of food through the body of a deer.


53 N. Macdonald
Mesa, AZ 85201

(One block north of Main Street in downtown Mesa. Take US 60 or 202 to Country Club Drive, go to Main Street, and proceed one-half mile east to Macdonald) - View Map



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