City of Mesa, AZ

Arizona Through Time

(4.5 billion to 65 million years ago)

Take a walk through time at the Arizona Museum of Natural History. From the origins of the universe, the formation of rocks and minerals, to the origins of life, explore Paleozoic Seas, Mammal-like Reptiles, Triassic Petrified Forests and Wetlands, Cretaceous Seas, and First Flight!

Patrons enjoying an exhibit

In this first gallery of the Arizona through Time, explore the origins of the universe, galaxies, comets, asteroids and the solar system. See and touch several meteorites, including a replica of the Tucson Meteorite and a piece of the Canyon Diablo Meteorite, which created Meteor Crater when it struck the earth in what is now Arizona.

Minerals exhibit

Earth Science: Rocks, Minerals & Caves
In the Earth Science Hall, discover the difference between rocks and minerals. Learn how the three types of rocks, sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic, are formed. Discover the essential minerals and see blue and green copper minerals and red and orange lead minerals. Touch a drusy chrysocolla boulder and quartz crystals! Learn all about caves.


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